YOU are a Queen (or King)…& what does that mean??

This is such a powerful AH-HAH that I know will inspire more LOVE and COMPASSION in the art that is your life!

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Are you RULING your life as a benevolent ruler? Or is your inner critic ruling?

When you paint, you align with your creatress self and receive insight into how to create MORE of what you want and how to RELEASE that which is no longer serving you.

Here is the painting (still in process) that I refer to in the video–my SOVEREIGN SELF declaration!!!

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LOVE LOVE to you, Queens and Kings of your reality!

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

I opened up the email arriving to my in-box for Day #15 of my own 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge and read this quote from Clara Pinkola Estes:  With the wild nature as ally and teacher we see not through two eyes but through the many eyes of intuition. With...

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

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