YOU are a Queen (or King)…& what does that mean??

This is such a powerful AH-HAH that I know will inspire more LOVE and COMPASSION in the art that is your life!

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Are you RULING your life as a benevolent ruler? Or is your inner critic ruling?

When you paint, you align with your creatress self and receive insight into how to create MORE of what you want and how to RELEASE that which is no longer serving you.

Here is the painting (still in process) that I refer to in the video–my SOVEREIGN SELF declaration!!!

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LOVE LOVE to you, Queens and Kings of your reality!

I’m Not In It For The Money

Excited to share the evolution of this painting with you AND offer you a reframe so you can make money doing what you love!!!!  First, watch the time-lapse video of this painting coming to life!  Now that you are in your Green Tara happy place, I want to share with...

Rise Above with me in Alaska

Rise Above with me in Alaska I’ve been honored to assist the most amazing Suzanne Hanna with her #thewildernesswalk in Alaska and whole exploring our own uncharted territories within, we have had MAGICAL experiences in Denali National Park!Day 2 we got to tour the...


Hi Whitney ! I’ve been making the Meditation Challenge every day. I’m a very organized person and always planning things in advance so it’s really a BIG challenge to me to let it go. I also do Yoga and usually meditate. I took a little longer to do your meditation...