Women Entrepreneurs are Divine Warriors!

I so want to high-five, belly-bump and give you the biggest hug right now!!! Did you know you are changing the world!? I want to share with you my #1 TIP for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS….

As a woman entrepreneur or business leader, you are a warrior for change, balance, love and community! YOU are setting the stage for one of humanity’s biggest shifts ever–the shift from a world based in fear to one rooted in LOVE.

For this reason, I, and my family of Creatively Fit Coaches, are here to support you with Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program, to fan your sacred spark, to be the wind beneath your wings, because what I know for sure is that as a woman biz leader YOU are all about change and change is dependent on your right brain, creative thinking side. It is that side of you that can get squished out, put on the back burner, relegated to “when I have time” and ignored.

YOU are so so busy taking care of your biz, family, friends, etc. that you can get worn plum out! Right!?

I know, because I have owned my own business(es) for the past 19 years and have 3 teenage kids (2 of the 3 below)!

The only way I could have managed it all and kept my smile and my free spirit is by honoring the open spaces, creating time for me, and cultivating an open, fertile mentality.

And this is my life’s work. Sharing this with you.

I want to share with you my #1 TIP for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS…


ASSUME your BEST case scenario!

Why do we, by default, immediately start expecting to miss the plane, be late, lose the deal, fall short, not be ____ enough…? I know I can fall into that current just as easily as anyone. AND I know that it is possible to cultivate an awareness that gives me the ability to take a step back, be objective, and CHOOSE what to imagine happening in any given situation.

The alternative is to stress and worry.

Personally, I don’t like doing either. It is like throwing water on your soul’s fire.

It wastes your precious life force.

YOU as a Woman Warrior Business Leader Entrepreneur want to channel as much as that precious prana towards that which you DESIRE, not towards that which you do NOT want to happen.

EXPECT it to work.

COUNT on miracles happening.

LOOK for all the ways “it” is working out perfectly.

When you ASSUME the best you will attract the best.

This is not supposed to sound logical.

That is because this is your right brain department, not your left.

It is this side of your mind, this part of your personality, that is my life’s work to honor, support, encourage, and illuminate for you.

How do you cultivate this mindset?


Thank you for being such a powerful force in our world!

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