Will Smith on Facing Fear

I want to share a behind-the-scenes audio with you. I was speaking with someone in my support team and he asked me about what I really love to share with people–what is it I most want you to experience as a result of our time together? I recorded it–hence I am speaking quickly, stream of consciousness talking…and I wanted to share because this is me, in the moment, really connecting to my calling, my passion for what I do and what I create. I REALLY REALLY REALLY know that we can stop allowing fear to motivate us and INSTEAD allow LOVE to motivate us!

WILL SMITH is SO right on!


The scariest art of the scary thing you want to do is everything that leads UP TO the scary thing. Once you make the leap and face the fear…you experience PURE BLISS.

Some of you, like me, are Rainbow Warriors, here to guide ourselves and, then, others over the bridge from fear to love.

Some of you, like me, are Rainbow Warriors who are here to use the canvas as the “skydiving” experience BECAUSE it connects us to our CREATIVE FREQUENCY…from which we can create the change we want to see in our world.

Hence this quote by Terence McKenna…

This is a picture from a page in my book…

I work CLOSELY with other Rainbow Warriors who are here to WAKE UP and ACTIVATE our collective creativity.

These Rainbow Warriors are my Creatively Fit Coaches. I offer this training twice a year, in the fall and winter. Read more here.

If you feel the Rainbow Warrior energy and come into my inner circle of FULL COLOR love, then check it out!

I would LOVE to be the wind beneath your wings and ACTIVATE your life’s purpose to inspire the lives of others!!!!

Love to YOU,

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