What are you celebrating??? An invitation to more…


I just finished a Group Call with my Creatively Fit Coaches and we each shared what we were celebrating about our Vision Quest right now.

Vision Quest is the GROUNDING element in our sacred creative journey (the CHARGING element is The Super Soul Flow Meditation Course–each 8 weeks long and next journey begins January 16th, 2017)…we explore each element, AIR FIRE WATER & EARTH and learn how we can create our lives from a place of creative confidence and ABUNDANCE.

This was just the 2nd Group Call with this new group and I wanted to share what we were celebrating together so that you could understand better what is available to you when you join this sacred creative practice.

Even after 21 years of being on this sacred creative journey myself, I am STILL BLOWN AWAY by the transformation that happens on SO many levels!

Here are some snippets of what we are celebrating… would you like we are “having?!” BELOW–I couldn’t resist–it is THIS good!)


…that I have made room for this side of me. It’s like coming home.

…I AM noticing more about life around me. The squirrel in the tree captures my imagination…I vacuum in spirals!

…my new creative process and how I see it relating to real life. I am learning more PATIENCE…

 …my new SELF-AWARENESS. I am letting go of my left brain dominance (logic, inner critic) and painting as an outlet when I am happy, stressed, sad…

 …my entirely NEW & EXPANSIVE outlook on life! I have had opportunities come up that I never could have imagined (just weeks ago) .  And I am speaking my truth where I used to hold back out of fear of saying the “wrong” thing.

…my new awareness of my innate inner wisdom. I used to hear “you have all the wisdom within” and I didn’t get it. Now I get it! I am a witness to my own WISDOM! I am blown away by the insight I have received from ME!
…that I now get to CHOOSE. I can choose how I react to people, to the things that used to trigger me. I am choosing love now more and more.
…all the parallels I see between my experience at the canvas and my experience in life. My entire focus is different–aimed towards what I want to create in art AND my life.
…that as a result of my new sacred creative practice that I just blasted through an old, stuck pain that I had cemented and buried so deep. It is gone now and I feel so much more open and spacious!
…my feelings of fear and the comparison that makes me feel stuck. I am celebrating that I am in a group where I can share. I am breathing more deeply and beginning to get to know my BIG wise infinite self. I am uncaging myself…

 …that I now understand that it is ok to DO WHAT I WANT!

Do you have your copy of Rise Above yet? Click the book image below to buy your copy on Amazon.com.

Do you have your copy of Rise Above yet? Click the book image below to buy your copy on Amazon.com.

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