“Life is the canvas of your soul.”


Enjoy a peek into the projects you will create as part of your Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program in the video above.

When you let go and enter into the space of the truth of this statement, “Life is the canvas of your soul,” whatever you desire in your life becomes possible.

What this means is that if you have a desire in your heart, something you really, really, really want to experience, express or create, it is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!

Not only is it possible, but it is inevitable.

Your desire and your longing are a sign that this potential reality ALREADY exists for you.

The unknown is only whether or not you are ready to take the action, make the choices, or step into the new experiences that will lead to the manifestation of your desire.

Imagine that whatever dream you are dreaming is already there waiting for you…up on a shelf in the “warehouse of your life’s possibilities.” You simply have to choose to take the steps in that direction and pick it up off the shelf.

Vision Quest Fire SquareDo you want to…

  • …write a book?
  • …start your own business?
  • …release extra weight from your body?
  • …help women in underdeveloped countries?
  • …raise your children to live inspired, purposeful lives?
  • …go deeper into your spiritual journey?
  • …be part of a community of like-minded, positive, passionate people?
  • …stop holding back, distracting yourself from your dreams with the “routine?”
  • …be happier!?
  • …feel more energized

Or maybe your desire is attached to a fear? It could be the fear of never truly feeling alive, the fear of never finding your purpose, or the fear of never experiencing a level of alignment, bliss, or love. Positive or negative, the desire is a signal that the potential for YOU does indeed exist.

The energy of your emotions would not be so deep and intense if it wasn’t part of your Divine Assignment, your soul’s purpose.

The question is only, how long do you want to take to get there? Are you ready to accept your QUEST?

Listen to this enthusiastic audio message to you from Whitney Freya.


Join us for Vision Quest. The Creatively Fit Program

Starting February 8, 2016

Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program, will accelerate your life’s journey to your soul’s highest vision for what you came here to express in this lifetime because it is going to give the platform to your intuitive, infinite mind, not your logical mind, so you can receive your soul’s guidance along the journey to your highest vision for your life.

You did not come here to express hesitation, doubt, lack or fear.

You came here to live a miracle! Are you ready to co-create with the miraculous part of YOU?

Do you feel the call?

Whitney Freya

My name is Whitney Freya, Chief Creative Muse, and up until the one second before I received my calling to tune into my own Artist Within, my creative soul, I was LOST!
I had graduated from the University of Michigan and left the next day to SELL BOOKS DOOR TO DOOR! Not what my parents had in mind!

3 years later, after living all over the country, selling door to door, and feeling no closer to my calling I was CONFUSED! I felt like I was never going to find “that thing!”

Whitney Freya

And you know what is funny? The THING that I was looking for was the one THING I had always thought I couldn’t do. The energy was there all along, the passion and heart. I had always been attracted to this thing, wanted to do this thing, but I had bought into the wrong story. I was living the example of my desire manifesting as a fear. I was afraid I could never do the thing I wanted to do.

I had always been a wanna-be artist. And my breakthrough happened when I realized that the process of giving myself permission to BE an artist and LIVE as an artist was exactly what I was going to teach others. When I blazed the trail though my own dense forest of self-doubt and fear, I gained the experience to help others do the same for themselves.

If you Vision Quest with me as your guide, you become a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and will be able to guide others through Vision Quest and much more. Read about the coaching certification HERE. 

I’m offering you your own palette of rainbow colors to create the path through your own dense forest and journey into your own personal transformation, or re-creation!

It’s like your logical mind has been giving you to-do lists & spreadsheets to blaze new trails.

That won’t work.

Your intuitive mind has the tools you desire. It has your FULL color palette, from which you can create the masterpiece that is YOU.

With the intuitive mind we Vision Quest.


When you commit four months to exploring, no matter what, the depths of who you are, your inner mystery and the language of your soul, change happens.

Vision Quest badge_red

Viknes is in her early 20’s and lives in Singapore. This is what she experienced.

Before the Creatively Fit Program, I had difficulty taking action and moving forward due to procrastination. I never thought myself entirely capable or felt that “it” would be possible. In the back of my mind, I doubted myself and put plans “further away” from myself. Painting on the canvas brought this to the forefront for me in a non-judgmental & FUN way, and that was very important. Taking small steps in the painting process has now allowed me to take small steps towards where I want to be in my life.

Bette is at the stage in her life when she can focus on herself!

For years before I found the Creatively Fit Program, I felt lost and at the end of my rope, absolutely no direction or solution to my deep quest to create art that was healing. After CFC…well I guess it’s the opposite! But the CFC journey isn’t without healthy resistance, growth, & feeling grateful.

Cindy is in the corporate world and looking forward to transitioning into her own business.

Before the Creatively Fit Program I felt very stuck, and while I intellectually took responsibility for my life, I had repressed my soul’s callings and labeled them as ‘impractical’…In spite of having many ‘successes’ and blessings, life felt very ‘heavy’ and ‘quietly desperate’ (Thoreau)….Immersing myself in Creating & the Creatively Fit program has brought such New Life and has helped me to see possibilities. While I’m very much still on this Journey, I more fully ‘own’ truly being the Artist of My Life. I’m more accepting of letting things flow vs. needing to have detailed plans. I’m becoming more brave in putting my art ‘out there’ and am filled with new energy & excitement. This program has truly changed my life and has greatly supported me in excavating my true self.

Sage Vision Quest

Don’t consider yourself creative? Perfect.

In his book, The Breakout Principle, Dr. Herbert Benson discovered in years of scientific neurological research that in order to have that breakout moment, that ah-hah, or ground breaking performance, you have to do the “left brain work” and then “sever all previous thought processes to get out of the left brain.”

Neuroscience has found that milliseconds before a breakout thought, an ah-hah moment, there is a spike in GAMMA BRAIN WAVES. Gamma brainwaves are distinguished by the fact that the ENTIRE neocortex lights up, is stimulated, rather than a specific area of the brain. And, they have found, that if you are ALREADY in your right brain, tapped into your intuitive mind, you will have an easier time achieving that GAMMA brainwave state.

Vision Quest Gallery

Your RIGHT brain, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, is the part that lights up on the MRI whenever you are learning ANYTHING new.

Exactly because a VISION QUEST is not your “normal” is why it is so transformative.

Click on the image above to view our GALLERY of Vision Quest paintings!


Month ONE ~ AIR

  • Invite your Soul to make its mark on your “life’s canvas.”
  • Daily dips into your art journal, and your intuitive mind.
  • The story of the true nature of our wisdom and potential is revealed.
  • Learn new “Artuals” to receive intuitive guidance.


Month TWO ~ FIRE

  • Ignite your sacred spark with color and symbols.
  • Burn away limiting beliefs around what is possible for your life’s journey.
  • Take up the torch of illumination with symbols that invite you under the surface.
  • Learn everything you need to develop your own Personal Painting Practice.


  • Tap into the feelings behind your desires.
  • Align with new confidence in the ways your life is supported and loved.
  • Nourish that which is desiring to be expressed through you.
  • Interpret the synchronicities and coincidences bubbling to the surface of your awareness as messages from your Soul. Then, paint them!

WF-EarthMonth FOUR ~ EARTH

  • Ground in the patterns of truth that have been revealed throughout your Quest.
  • Sink roots into your new story, your new vision for your life.
  • Allow the “muck” to fall away. Mother Earth can absorb what has been wasting your life force and transmute into new personal, creative power.
  • Plant “seeds” of intention and manifestation into your reality.

Your Creatively Fit Coach is your guide.

You want to create change, to invest in what you know is POSSIBLE for you, and to open up and expand the way you feel about your life. Your Creatively Fit Coach is here to hold you accountable, tailor the experience to your needs and love you through the process.

The dark cave you fear to enter contains the treasure you seek. ~Joseph Campbell

The Vision Quest Program will tap you into the signs, symbols, synchronicities, and dreams that your right brain, your Soul, has been sending you. You will be amazed at the state of flow you can achieve.

It all starts February 8th and ends June 8th, 2016. 

The energy of this experience, one that you have discovered through whatever series of synchronicities, chance meetings, or spontaneous clicks, is expansive, exploratory and magical.

We are combining personal creativity, art making, spirituality, self-awareness and personal transformation in a whole new way. Not just for a weekend, or an evening. It won’t be experienced on an isolated page somewhere in cyber space. It will be personal, interactive, communal and expansive. Big change requires time and integration, guidance and inspiration, support and contrast, creativity and courage.

If you are inspired to tap into the wisdom of your heart, then your time is NOW.

Four months from now, you won’t remember what it was like to NOT be surrounded by your own original art, your talismans and messages from your Soul.

You WILL remember your purpose, your passion, your own special “secret sauce” that is what you, and only you, can bring to the world.

You WILL remember that, in fact, you are the sole CREATOR of your experience and you will remember how to take back that power.

Watch out world. Here YOU come!

What is the “energy exchange” in $$$ for this quest?

What you are investing is “energy.” Money is how we assign value to experiences and objects. The more you invest in something (with dollars, time, passion, etc), the more you value it. Also, the more energy you put into something, the greater the return. When you invest in an experience that speaks to you, heart, mind, soul AND $$$, you are stepping into your most powerful self and declaring to your Soul–I really, really, really choose THIS!

Vision quest type retreats, offered by other groups, that require you to travel, pay for lodging and only last for days, maybe a week, are at least $3000 to $10,000.

Private coaching can cost thousands a month. A professional, year long coaching program, with community, can cost upwards of $37,000 (just ask me!).

And what is it costing you to NOT align with what you know to be true, deep down in your bones?

What is it costing you to live a life disconnected from the infinite treasure that lies within the landscape of your personal quest, your right hemisphere, your Highest Self, your intuitive mind?

Carl Jung compared the unconscious mind to the size of the ENTIRE OCEAN, every drop of water around the globe and the conscious mind, your logical, thinking mind, to the size of a wine cork (floating in that ocean of awareness.) Now, for your one, wild & magical life, which do you want to be able to draw from? The ocean or the wine cork?

Access to your entire OCEAN of knowing, possibility and power, the Vision Quest with your Creatively Fit Coach is only $1785. And THAT is a good thing!




We are SO confident in the magic of your mind, the neuroscience behind our program, and your infinite potential, that if you engage in the community, take action in your journal and on the canvas, and participate in the monthly Personal Retreat Days, and are not 100% satisfied you can enjoy a FULL refund if you are not satisfied in the first two months.

“This shit works!” as participants in the Creatively Fit Programs & events have been known to exclaim in a moment of creative excitement! We stand by that exclamation!

When you register today for the Vision Quest beginning September 11th, 2015 you will also receive the following bonuses…

  • The Purpose Project, a 12 e-Book set that helps you to create your most purposeful life!
  • The 7 Day Whole Brain Makeover video series with Whitney Freya
  • Whitney Freya’s Favorite 5 Painting Tips & Tricks
  • 4 FREE Vision Quest Fire Circle Sessions, monthly pre-recorded calls to listen to during your Personal Retreat Day, with special guest shamans, energy workers and artists.
  • 3 FREE months as a featured artist in the Online Gallery at VisionQuest.gallery This is where you get to inspire others with your new full color expression and spirited art work. We are inspired by the process of painting, but we also value the energetic shifts that happen when we put ourselves out there, allowing others to witness our personal expansion. AND you might just make your money back from your investment in your Vision Quest! Regularly $15/month.

The Vision Quest experience also includes:

  • Your Personal Painting Practice. Instruction from the online content, videos, and personal support from your Creatively Fit Coach.
  • The ultimate Vision Quest Challenge! Your quest really begins as you embark upon 26 paintings! You learn to pay attention to the symbols and coincidences that are, in fact, your Soul sending you messages and responding to your communication back!
  • How to decipher the language of symbols and your imagination through community discussions, 1-on-1 coaching from your Creatively Fit Coach and video instruction from Whitney Freya.
  • 4 Personal Retreat Days . Each month of the Vision Quest, as a community, we will devote one Sunday a month to our own Personal Retreat Day. Whether it is telling your family that you are going “underneath the surface” for a day peacefully secluded in your bedroom or on a hike somewhere, or any other location, you will be creating the SPACE for your Vision Quest to unfold and speak to you in profound ways. There will be a suggested “Artual” for each Personal Retreat Day, with guided meditations, journal and painting prompts. We will all be there for each other on our online, private FB group to share in the ah-hah’s and inspiration.
  • Personal attention and accountability with your Creatively Fit Coach. We are passionate about accompanying you into this deep dive!

And for this first Vision Quest of 2016, starting February 8th, you will receive $500 off the full price of the program.

The next Vision Quest will start September 2016 and will be offered at full price.

If you are ready to step with us into your new reality, one in which life is happening FOR you instead of TO you, then click below to join Vision Quest now.

You know what it is like to have a dream, a vision of your life being different, a dream that you have spoken of with sparkly eyes. You entertain the idea of it…sometimes. You allow yourself to feel the stirring deep in your soul and then it all settles back down again.

Is it time to admit that if “SHE” can have it then so can you!?

If you have waited long enough, put everyone else first enough, compromised your own self-care and personal time enough. Then click below to join the tribe, the Vision Quest.

You know that the secret to your happiness lies just underneath the surface, in a place you can only access in life’s “open spaces” and quiet moments.

The Vision Quest is your deep dive into your soul, your permission to take the time to take care of YOU and to re-emerge whole, inspired, and fully aligned with your heART!







 You will emerge from your quest, having shed the skin of your “routine,” what had been your “normal,” with a new confidence, a new peace, and a new energy of enthusiasm for your wild and magical life.

Vision Quest is the invitation to deep dive with your Creatively Fit Coach into the depths of your life’s potential, the infinite well of all that you have to share from within your heART’s deepest desires.

Are you ready to deep dive?

You are ready to live THAT life. You are ready to be the one that inspires others to try new things and take time out from the busy-busy-busy and just BE.

Welcome home. Welcome to the BIG picture.

See you around the fire circle.




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