Do You Know About the New Paradigm for Women in Recovery?

For 25 years, Tammy Roth PhD worked within the framework of many different recovery models. None of them felt right to her…

What if…

…you are not “sick?”

…you are not “broken?”

…you are not wrong, bad, ill, etc.?

What if…

What if…

YOUR ADDICTION (or any underworld experience from which you are recovering) WAS AN INITIATION?

In February 2020, Whitney Freya & Tammy Roth, PhD came together to initiate an entirely NEW Paradigm for Women in Recovery.

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The New Paradigm for Women in Recovery

Learn what this “New Paradigm for Women in Recovery” means? How is it different? Is this exactly what you have been looking for? 

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Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coaches

We are currently training Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coaches. In this video, learn more about the training, who it is for, and why we need you to help us to create more sacred space for women to reclaim their sovereignty.

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Since February 2020, dozens of women have found confidence, pride, inspiration and healing through this New Paradigm for Women in Recovery process.

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