I read this word the other morning and it was like music, or a big bowl of ice cream, or a majestic view from the top of a snow capped mountain. 

I wanted the BATHE myself in this word! 

So I went over to my studio table and found the perfect piece of canvas that almost seemed to be waiting for this word. 

The spiral shape in white paint echoed the word’s meaning and I imagined being able to spiral up and over any of life’s disturbances just by uttering the word T-R-A-N-S-C-E-N-D. 

Here’s when the magic happened…

I first painted the word in black paint, attempting to mimic that upward, spiraling energy. I didn’t like it. Instead of the letters conveniently spiraling up and out, the final letters in the word were wrapping back down the right side of the canvas–more like an arch than a spiral. 

I looked at it a bit–wanting to like it (you know that feeling?) 

Then, I accepted that I wanted it to be different and I went over to the sink and washed the paint off! 

When I brought the wet canvas back to the table, after drying it a bit, I wrote the letters as you see above and below. 

Do you see what happened? 

The letters start to fade away…look at the e-n-d as compared to the t-r…

This WAS the energy of the word in motion. Transcend can help us rise above the dense, solid physical reality of our daily life and allow the worry or stress to just melt away–like my paint into the watery canvas.

Here is another image that I love because it looks a bit ethereal…

Do you see how much more I learned about this word BECAUSE I hopped up from the book to paint it? 

It became ALIVE for me.

I now have a relationship with this word and it’s magical powers (words are magic) are available to me on an entirely new level because I gave it a platform from which it could teach me. 

I can CHOOSE to transcend life’s minor disturbances. I can transcend the voice inside of me that wants to  constantly remind me of all the things that might go wrong, or all the ways I’m not doing enough… You know that voice? 

With the word TRANSCEND I can spiral up and out of that mucky energy and allow life’s circumstances to flow on through, with my attention fully anchored in this higher perspective. 

If you want more of this kind of feeling for yourself, I thrive when I get to share all the ways you can cultivate this level of personal practice in the art that is your life. Shoot me an email at connect(at) and I’ll direct you to my current offerings and opportunities for you to learn more! 

Here’s to your most magical and joyFULL life. 

Whitney Freya

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