Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #9 I AM playful.

We learn best through play.

As a life coach, I know you have witnessed innumerable breakthroughs, personally and professionally, when we take time out to play. Our focus softens and our minds wander, creating a perfect landscape for a stroke of insight.

Research has found that milliseconds before a “stroke of insight” there is a spike in gamma brainwaves. Gamma brainwaves are characterized by the ENTIRE neocortex lighting up on the MRI screen. Insight happens when the mind is able to pull together in an instant seemingly disparate thoughts, ideas, visions, experiences, smells, tastes, etc. to deliver the AH-HAH!

Research has also found that if one is already engaged in activity that stimulates the right hemisphere, the mental energies are that much closer to being able to achieve a gamma brainwave state.

That means…that by getting out of the logical, linear mind we are closer to our personal breakthrough!

This is the “beginner’s mind” scenario. This is why they say that the major breakthroughs come through the amateur, not the expert. When we play, we engage that right hemisphere and actually align our mind in a way that it CAN NOW receive that key to unlocking the issue we have been trying to figure out.

One of my favorite “life art lessons” happens in the first layer of my painting process. I coach my clients, “The more you play, the easier it is.” Isn’t that true on the canvas and beyond the canvas, into the art that is our lives!?

So, I invite you to explore how you can use the canvas as a new modality in your life coaching practice. You can participate in my Creatively Fit Coaching Certification and learn everything you need to know to inspire the ART that is the life of your life coaching client!

Creatively Fit Coaches are 150+ inspired souls all around the WORLD! Zimbabwe, Belgium, Singapore, India, Canada, Italy, England, USA and South Africa!

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Thank you for tickling the imagination of the people around you!


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