Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #8 I AM present.

The “Power of Now.”

You encourage your life coaching clients to detach from their past “road bumps” and to resist focusing on worrying about the future. You bring them into the present moment and empower them to take their journeys towards their highest dreams step by step.

It is only in the present moment that we can access the infinite.

An incredibly powerful, and JOYful, exercise in present moment awareness is to create a mandala.

Mandala is Sanskrit for “sacred container” and have been included in the visual history of every single culture throughout history.

Carl Jung created a mandala daily for decades as an exercises in realizing the SELF.

When I have a client who is caught up in worry about to make something work in the future, or stuck in a fear because of a past failure, I prescribe a daily mandala…

Try it yourself. Simply outline a mandala, starting from the center and working out, with a pencil, pen or markers.

Or even create one with magazine images!

All of the Creativity Workouts taught in the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification are intentionally simple so as to disengage the ego, the logical mind. This makes the content of this program simple and extremely adaptable to your current life coaching practice.

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Only when we bring ourselves and our clients FULLY into the present moment we catapult ourselves into the stars!

Thank you for being here with me now.


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