Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #7 I AM taking action!

We can talk and talk and talk and talk…and then it comes down to the DOING.

I love when Lisa Nichols says, “If you don’t take action, self-help becomes SHELF-help.”

As a life coach, you are motivated to inspire action in the lives of your clients. Getting started can be the hardest step.

Painting is another way to get the ideas, wishes, and visions out of our heads and into our lives! The getting started step is the easiest part in the way I teach painting!

Let’s take action that doesn’t cost anything, isn’t scary (really), has nothing to do with “business” and that stimulates our creative energies. It doesn’t even have to look like anything!

These are two paintings I started by simply doodling with the paint! I just naturally love to go in circles….

Here is another example of four paintings in the first layer stage…

Inspire your life coaching clients OVER the getting started bridge by providing them a new way to TAKE ACTION!


There are so many fun ways to accomplish this same lesson in your art journal as well!  We explore all of this and more in my Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program. I would love for you to join so that you can expand your coaching modalities to include a full color, full FUN way to get started creating the change your clients want in the art that is their life!

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Keep creating change, you change agent! Woot!

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