Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #6 I AM authentic.

Authenticity has been a buzz word in the life coaching arena for some time now, as it should be!

What feels any better than being able to be completely authentic.

Want an authenticity workout? Let’s take it to the canvas.

One of my creative life coaching clients, and Creatively Fit Coach, felt that to be her authentic self she would want to become more comfortable TAKING UP SPACE. So, together, we decided to use “elephant medicine” to align with that BIG energy.

Thank you Tracy Verdugo for your elephant painting inspiration! 

What would it feel like to be even more authentic in your life? Paint THAT.

I created this painting and, as a result, connected with the truth that what I LOVE about my own creative life coaching practice is that I get to be like that owl on the shoulder of my clients, raising their perspective to higher dimensions. The painting guided me to this new realization, or a new way to articulate what I do in my practice.

Just coaching clients to tune in to the images or symbols to which they are attracted can be a powerful life coaching tool to add to your repertoire!

I would love to share more ideas with you. Pick a time for us to talk HERE and let’s explore all the ways we can inspire the art that is YOUR life and that of your clients.

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