Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #5 I AM clear.


That is a good word. I know you talk about clarity with your life coaching clients all the time.

Without it we are driving without a road map, fighting upstream without a paddle, shooting at a moving target.

But we still resist creating it. Right?

You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a 1000 words”?

Well, how about taking your life coaching clients through a symbol creation exercise for their clarity action.

My personal symbol for 2014 was the arrow. I was being encouraged to declare to the Universe what I wanted. This symbol helped me focus all year on attracting the exact desire. It all culminated this past September in Super Soul Flow–the subject of my next book, all my live events, and my 2015 online project. (Hope you join me!)

You can also use art journaling, “Scribble Drawing,” and painting as an exercise in creating clarity.

In the following image I asked out loud what are more ways that I can communicate to my audience all that getting Creatively Fit has to offer.

I received an abundance of clarity around the heART of my life work.

Read this BLOG POST for more information about this image and how to stop “trying to figure it out.”

I sat down with one client who was in the middle of a tremendously challenging legal battle. We drew on big butcher paper, with markers and paints, what she wanted to attract into her future. She spent almost an hour focusing on exactly what she wanted–a shift from her predominant thinking around all the worst case scenarios.

As a life coaching tool, providing your clients with the opportunity to focus on exactly what they want, while engaging their creator self and spending so much time focusing on the imagery of their desires, you have empowered their clarity muscles in all new ways!

I would love to give you the opportunity to ask me any questions about how my Creatively Fit Coaching Certification can help you to expand your life coaching business. Pick a time HERE for us to talk. It’s that easy!

Looking forward to connecting with another LIFE ARTIST like yourself!


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