Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #2 I AM love

Do you ever feel like negative self talk is a raging, global epidemic!?

I do.

As a life coach, how much energy do you spend on yourself and with your clients in tuning out the inner critic and tuning into the inner LOVE FEST?!

One of my favorite visual life coaching painting exercises is to guide my clients through a 20 minute painting LOVE FEST! For 20 minutes in front of the canvas we are going to practice thinking and speaking LOVING thoughts to ourselves.

While it can be a huge leap to intend to only allow the love into our brains in our daily lives, how much easier is it to intend to simply entertain only loving thoughts for 20 minutes while you paint!?

Exactly because most of us are SO critical of our painting ability is why it is the PERFECT vehicle to loving ourselves more and more.

The canvas is a defined arena where we each, ourselves as coaches as well, get to practice life coaching principles. In the process of painting, the degree to which our inner critic is wreaking havoc will be very visible.

That is the beauty of the canvas, it becomes a metaphor for any life coaching subject.

I AM in my love. How important is it to get our clients there before they can attract all the abundance they desire!? Right!?

Many of our Creatively Fit Coaches are life coaches who learned how to use art making to empower their clients’ “life making” skills!  Pick a time to talk with me,Whitney Freya, to explore whether I can help to expand your life coaching “palette.”

Sending you full color THANK YOU’s for inspiring the lives of others…

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