Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #10 Symbols create a bridge.

As a life coach you are so good at inspiring new thought in the minds of your clients.

You are a wayshower. You shine the light into forgotten recesses of their awareness to inspire new ideas and action.

Whether you remember it or not, you also know a language that speaks to our being multi-dimensionally. You know the language of symbols in your bones.

Carl Jung is infamous for his psychological research into the unconscious mind and the ways in which symbols, imagery and imagination create a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Your clients’ personal breakthroughs lie await in the infinite depths of their unconscious mind. It is not in the “known,” logical part of their awareness that contains the keys to unlock their threshold moments; it is in the intuitive, infinite mind. Symbols are the bridge.

Here is a symbol that you can start using right away to further expand your intuitive abilities–because I know you are super intuitive. The triple spiral is an ancient symbol of the intuitive, feminine, infinite mind. You can grab my Artual Sacred Symbol eBook HERE.

Just looking at this symbol, drawing this symbol on post-it notes and sticking them on your bathroom mirror, your car dashboard, your computer…and imagining it in your mind’s eye will connect you to new intuitive landscapes. In fact, feel free to “grab” this image and use it as a screen saver on your smart phone.

Better yet, paint it.

The time you spend at the canvas is time you are energetically aligning with the symbol of your creative attention.

Do you have a life coaching client that would benefit from an extra dose of courage, the confidence to follow their heart, and explore the unknown. Try “prescribing” this West African Adinkra symbol for “strength of heart.”

In the Creatively Fit Coaching Training, we thoroughly explore the relationship between our intuitive, unconscious mind, art making and symbols so that we can inspire the art that is the life of our clients in an entirely new way! We have trainings three times a year (January, May and September). Email me at connect(at) if you have any questions.

YOU are a bridge for your clients, a bridge from their “known” to their NEW! You are the wayshower, holding up the lantern in front of them as they take new steps in the direction of their dreams.

Thank you.

If you would like to have a conversation with me about how you might incorporate painting into your personal life coaching practice, I would love to speak with you! Simply pick a time that works for you from my online scheduling site HERE.

What I know for sure is “Life is the canvas of your soul.” Thank YOU for living in FULL color!

I get a wee bit excited about triple spirals!


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