Top 10 Reasons Life Coaches PAINT . #1 I AM fearless.

Most people I talk to agree that FEAR of some sort is at the root of ANYTHING that is holding us back.

In A Course In Miracles, we are taught that at any given point, we are either coming from FEAR or LOVE.

As a Life Coach one of your greatest joys is taking your clients up to and past their fears–fears of failure, of making a mistake, of not being _________ enough….

When I use visual coaching via the blank canvas with my clients the FIRST thing I do is address their fear–because most people are afraid of the blank canvas.

In literally as little as FIVE minutes, the fear is gone.

In the process of taking my clients through their fear of the blank canvas, I have guided them, on their own, to invaluable insight into the nature of their fears.

The #1 reason life coaches become Creatively Fit Coaches is to learn how to use art making as a FEAR-BUSTING life coaching modality!

If you are a life coach, or a business coach, or a creative life coach, please pick a time HERE for a complimentary 30 minute phone chat to discuss if this modality is right for you.

THANK YOU for empowering others to BE FEARLESS!


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