Thoughts Become Things

Whatever you think, you are right…

So just for today…or this weekend, CHOOSE to think thoughts that are supportive of YOU.

…that LOVE you!

…that are KIND to you!

Choose to believe that you CAN do “it!”

Choose to paint a picture in your mind of what you WANT, rather than worry about “it” not working out, backfiring, losing money, failing….

Use your IMAGINATION for GOOD, rather than WORRY.

Worry creates more things to worry about.

Doubt creates more reasons to doubt.

Love creates more things to LOVE!

Gratitude creates more things for which to feel GRATEFUL.



We are only trapped by our own ideas. 

Exploring COURAGE

Exploring COURAGE

 Hi! I created a 3 Part Video Series in June 2019 to explore the subject of courage. I believe that an aspect of overall wellness is our connection to courage. Without courage, we may stay stuck in the known, when our heARTs are calling us into a new way of expressing...

How to Paint Wings

How to Paint Wings

  This is an excerpt from my Art Gypsy Owl Painting Course. I hope you join me for the whole course! I filmed it in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The energetic focus of the course is on COURAGE and the OWL is our guide.  In all my Art Gypsy Courses, I wait to receive...