Thoughts Become Things

Whatever you think, you are right…

So just for today…or this weekend, CHOOSE to think thoughts that are supportive of YOU.

…that LOVE you!

…that are KIND to you!

Choose to believe that you CAN do “it!”

Choose to paint a picture in your mind of what you WANT, rather than worry about “it” not working out, backfiring, losing money, failing….

Use your IMAGINATION for GOOD, rather than WORRY.

Worry creates more things to worry about.

Doubt creates more reasons to doubt.

Love creates more things to LOVE!

Gratitude creates more things for which to feel GRATEFUL.



We are only trapped by our own ideas. 

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

I opened up the email arriving to my in-box for Day #15 of my own 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge and read this quote from Clara Pinkola Estes:  With the wild nature as ally and teacher we see not through two eyes but through the many eyes of intuition. With...

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

Becoming present is all about cultivating awareness and becoming your own witness. The more often you can connect to the present moment, the easier it becomes to detach from past / future thinking that can keep you stuck or create obstacles on your path forward. #1...