This quote always blows me away…

“Art’s task is to save the soul of mankind and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns because  if the artists who are self-selected for being able to journey into the Other, if the artist cannot find the way then the way cannot be found.”  

~Terence McKenna  

The most profound part of this quote for me is that we all have an opportunity to engage new levels of internal or spiritual communication with symbols, imagery and color. I want to share this with you…

When you develop this kind of relationship with the canvas, you tune into multi-dimensional ways of thinking, ideating, or “figuring things out.” Now, when I, and most of my family of Creatively Fit Coaches, paint, it is because a particular image or symbol has been catching our eye a lot lately, or we read something that sparked a knowing within and an image to create.

Then, as we paint, a conversation is revealed. Totally different ideas come to mind, ideas that never would have entered our consciousness if we had not been spending the time in front of the canvas. It is magic!

Art making is a way to receive insight and intuitive communication AND to communicate back to our Highest Selves what we DESIRE. What do you want more of in your life? Paint that!

Myself and the Creatively Fit Coaches are committed to ushering in this new age of the “thriving artist” (as spoke of in this interview). We are inspired to guide you to living as a LIFE ARTIST.

The next Creatively Fit Coaching Training (in Italian from Italy as well!!!) begins soon–we offer it two times a year. So if you are as inspired as I am by the magical creative potential within you and everyone around you, read more HERE.

Or if you have been waiting for the right time to join us in this coaching training and you know this is it, simply go HERE to register.

We are on the brink, creative world! Here’s to our continued full color expansion!


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Introducing Susan Kizaric

Introducing Susan Kizaric

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