The Torn Paper Abstract

This exercise is from Chapter 11 in my book The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.  This was great this morning!  It took me about 10 minutes total. It is a super fun way to let go, get loose and just play!

This is just my Moleskine sketchbook (that I love!) and some scrap paper. I used some plain glue and a paint brush to glue them to the page. You can also use clear acrylic medium. Just make sure the paper pieces are glued down securely. I tore the paper very randomly, trying to get different kinds of shapes.

I only used soft pastels (more like chalk) and crayons for the colors. Watch the layers!

This next image is where I used crayons to create some contrasting lines…

It doesn’t have to BE anything…just let it BE.

This is where it stands now. I could always go back and layer it on! Layering is key! It is hard sometimes to keep adding to it. You are scared that you are going to “mess it up”. Face that fear and then add the layer!

Here is another example by one of my Creatively Fit Coaches! There is no right or wrong. Let the process inspire you!

Here is another example before it gets another layer of colors with the soft pastels. If you layer harmonious colors together you will create subtle gradations…yellows, reds and oranges or blue, yellow, green, or purple, pink, red and blue.

Try this workout at home, in the a.m. or after a long day.  Or, start your next meeting with this creativity workout!  You will be amazed at the different results and ideas you get.  It’s about equality for both sides of the brain.  Your right brain/Artist Within has a lot to offer you: energy, intuition, inspiration, new ideas, purpose-driven action, centering, peace….Try it.

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