The Sacred Symbol that is the #river 

Yesterday my friend Mellissae Lucia and I visited a stretch of the Minam River near my home here in Wallowa, OR.

I love all the different metaphors and symbols invoked by the river. I thought I would take you along with us and inspire some musings of your own….

Clara Pinkola Estes compares our creative spirit to a river. I’m also reminded of a quote I painted once that says something like “intuition is like cosmic fishing.” I am getting better and better at fly fishing, and for now just love the excuse to get out onto the river. 

On a symbolic level, what would you be fishing for in your own creative, intuitive river?  New ideas? New opportunities? New, more authentic expressions of yourself (are you hiding a part of you to keep others comfortable or to make something work that is truly broken…)? 

Then, we walked along the river, often the path leading us away from its side. Sometimes, along life’s path we are led in new directions or away from our intended route. What are all the ways this can serve you? What is off the path that is intended to inspire newness in your life?

Maybe there is something I never would have noticed had I not been led away from the object of my focus….

Maybe a higher perspective is what your soul wants you to experience–so when the path turns uphill and becomes more difficult, we can anticipate the view rather than focus on the hardship?

And then, what are all the ways we can experience happiness, gratitude or rest as we watch the “waters” rush past? Maybe our stillness is what our soul wants to contrast the flowing waters. Timing… Allowing an idea or opportunity to arrive in perfect timing or build energy until it is ready to flow out of us. 

Life is symbolic.

You can look at every personal drama, every challenge, every celebration and every experience as a symbol of something universal. 

This perspecitve creates for me a new level of self awareness, helping me to stay in flow when the temptation is to feel stuck. 

What does the river have to say to you right now?

Is it asking you to…


…carve your own path?

…move around blocks or obstacles?

…throw your hook in for NEW inspiration?

When in doubt flow! 


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