The Magazine Mosaic Creativity Workout

This is an excerpt from my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.


  • Old magazines
  • Scissors & glue stick
  • Your journal or any other paper


  • Cut colorful Magazine pages into ½” wide Strips.
  • Then, cut them into ½” square.
  • Cut enough squares so that you have a variety of different colors.
  • Divide your paper into four or 6 sections.
  • Fill in the first section with your magazine mosaics arranged randomly, edge to edge so there is no space between them.
  • In the next section, glue the magazine mosaics in a simple pattern. Try other patterns in the rest of
  • Think of a quilt.

Did you catch yourself admiring a little square of magazine?  Each square becomes its own abstract painting.  What had been an ad for bar soap is now a square with amazing shades of turquoise blue and green and looks electric next to the reds in what used to be an ad for a new hair color.  By repeating the same shape over and over you have drawn attention to the colors of the squares and together they have become a kaleidoscope of color.  When people take the same action over and over again they become experts.  They become extraordinary in their field.  They have learned through repetition, repeating the task or repeating the act of seeking knowledge about a specific subject.   Do you need more repetition in your life’s design?

Or maybe you want to blaze an entirely new trail!?

Comment below with a link to your magazine mosaic!

Thank you for joining me here, on my Life’s Canvas!

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