The Face Collage. Creativity Workout from The Artist Within…

Try this activity when you find yourself frustrated, exhausted, just plain tired of “trying to figure it out.” This is a super simple collage acticity that will disrupt your normal pattern of thinking on whatever subject is currently distracting you, and give you new insight via the images and symbolism. Check out these examples below. First, simply tear out background images. I usually use 3-4 pieces of magazine to cover the entire paper. Then, I cut out the head shape. The rest is easy! Find eyes, hair, jewelry, hats–you will never look at magazines the same again!

This image below could be a first layer.

Below is another example of the first layer. Always take note of the kinds of images you are attracted to or that are available to you. The ocean and hot air balloons are powerful messages for me and “keep coming up!”

Following is the background from above as my finished Face Collage. I did not want to cover the POP in the face, so I put the fun eyes I had found in the sky. Hmmmm…which perspective would I rather have? I choose the “eagle’s eye” perspective!

This next one I created during a workshop I was leading in New York City. It felt very New York to me!

Let’s look even closer at these. I love how different they all are.

Once I finish a Face Collage, I have a conversation. “What do you want me to know right now?” Why did these particular images, colors, and symbols speak to you today? What part of yourself is illustrated in this collage, which archetype?

Use this Creativity Workout from my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, in your own mindfulness practice, as a way to make your brain happy by giving it something totally different to do, or as an easy way to get Creatively Fit–how we use regular creative activity to strengthen the part of our mind that processes our life and world creatively.

There is no way to do this wrong. Create a small face collage and send it as a card to a friend. Create face collages with your group at work, school, friends, pARTy…and watch creative spirit move!

This is such a fun and easy way to expand our mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. Be sure to share your face collages with us!

Sometimes the line between art, life, and my “real” face become blurred! Have fun, everyone!


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