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I know what it is like to feel called to something, while also feeling a bit nervous. It is new. There is unknown involved. What I know for sure is that you want to follow your heART, your intuition. Why? Because logic can NOT perceive, or feel comfortable, in the unknown. It is like your inner administrator, not your inner guide.

Watch this video for a tour of my studio & my tips on how to KNOW if the Creatively Fit Coaching Training is right for you. 



Thank you for joining me in the studio.

Go HERE if you are feeling the call and your heART is telling you, “Heck YES!”




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Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

I opened up the email arriving to my in-box for Day #15 of my own 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge and read this quote from Clara Pinkola Estes:  With the wild nature as ally and teacher we see not through two eyes but through the many eyes of intuition. With...