The Creative Superheroes Podcast . Fear V. Love (on and off the canvas)

I was so excited to be a guest on Andrea Scher’s podcast!

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What do I mean about my super power being that I am a multi-dimensional being??

This is what I teach in groups AND 1-on-1 through my Super Soul Flow Meditation Course.

If you are interested in exploring YOUR multi-dimensional self with me in a group or 1-on-1 setting, please reach out to me from the contact page.

Thank you for stepping into the YOU as a LIFE ARTIST!


I’m Not In It For The Money

Excited to share the evolution of this painting with you AND offer you a reframe so you can make money doing what you love!!!!  First, watch the time-lapse video of this painting coming to life!  Now that you are in your Green Tara happy place, I want to share with...

Rise Above with me in Alaska

Rise Above with me in Alaska I’ve been honored to assist the most amazing Suzanne Hanna with her #thewildernesswalk in Alaska and whole exploring our own uncharted territories within, we have had MAGICAL experiences in Denali National Park!Day 2 we got to tour the...


Hi Whitney ! I’ve been making the Meditation Challenge every day. I’m a very organized person and always planning things in advance so it’s really a BIG challenge to me to let it go. I also do Yoga and usually meditate. I took a little longer to do your meditation...