Ink & Alchemy . Interview with Whitney Freya & Chelsie Aniceto

Ink & Alchemy . Interview with Whitney Freya & Chelsie Aniceto

Ink & Alchemy . Interview with Whitney Freya & Chelsie Aniceto

I am so happy you are here to join us in this magical conversation. 

I love working with sacred symbols and know that you can receive invaluable guidance the more you tune in to what images, symbols, animals, colors… you are attracted to or that are repeatedly attracting your attention or showing up in sequences. 

I created this art for a local artist calendar in my town.

Here’s the crazy thing…

A couple nights after I completed this painting, I was with my man leaving an event “at the lake” and riding home on his motorcycle. While we were putting helmets on, etc. he said, “Do you hear the owl!?” Sure enough. Two owls were hooting high over our heads in the ponderosa pines. OWL.

As we drove home, he had to brake quickly as a big buck walked out into the road. DEER.

Then, no more than 200 yards ahead of the buck, a fox ran across our path! FOX. 

I said out loud, “Hmmm. Owl. Deer. Fox. Hmmm… wait a second! You have to see what I just finished painting!”

We got back to my house and I led him into the studio to show him this piece. I painted these three favorite allies of mine in that exact order: OWL, DEER, FOX. Boom! 

Enjoy this conversation! 



This conversation is so much fun!

Chelsie & I talk about the power of sacred symbols, how our Sacred & Personal Painting Practice actually teaches us how to live life more in flow and less in forcing, trying, controlling….

I share some personal stories and talk about… of course… TATTOOS!

Please comment below to share your biggest take-away. SO happy you are here!



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