STOP trying to “figure it out”…

I just had the FUNNEST coaching call with one of our Creatively Fit Coaches and I got off the phone flying! We raised our vibration out the roof and into the big blue! What I wanted to share with you all is…

1st the message on this image. WOW! STOP trying to “figure things out!” Use imagery and symbolism to deliver the answer to you! This image is one of my scribble drawings that I created with the intention of gaining insight into even better ways to communicate to YOU all that you will expand into when you get “Creatively Fit.”

The EAGLE represents the higher perspective, the soul perspective, you gain when you regularly stimulate and validate your right hemisphere, intuitive, love-based mental muscle.

The SUN is the NEW DAY that WILL dawn when you expand more fully into your CREATOR self. The Universe can’t deliver up that next big thing if you are still dominated by the left brain–resist-all-change–mentality.

The BLOOMING HEART is symbolic of how your heart wisdom expands and blooms when you speak its language–NOT the language of the logical mind, but the symbolic, metaphor, story kind of knowing of the heart! And the Easter basket is the energy of joy and discovery, the sacred enthusiasm that comes from honoring the divine in the everyday and celebrating life and soul. Whew! All that from a scribble!

The 2nd thing I want to share is an invitation to tune into yourself as a vibrational, energetic being. HOW can you raise your vibration right now? Katherine Torrini of Creative Life Spark and I talked about this when I was in her studio…just looking at color, pattern, imagery and, then, making your mark, dramatically raises your vibration. AND just one person operating at a vibrational level of 400 (think acceptance, neutrality, confidence…) will counterbalance 400,000 people operating at 200 or lower! That is HUGE! So when you, right now, create the shift in your energy from worry or overwhelm or frustration or boredom to one of interest, present-moment focus, happiness, joy…you are simultaneously doing energy work on our entire planet! (this is from the book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins).

I SO LOVE that I get to explore this realm and share it with you all. If you love this too, don’t miss out on our next Creatively Fit Coaching Certification starting Jan. 20th. Register before Dec. 20th to enjoy SERIOUS savings before the $$ energy exchange goes up. Read more at or schedule a phone conversation with me here.

Go, world! CREATE the energy you want right now. Go scribble, finger paint, tear pretty pictures out of a magazine. YOU are stellar for hanging in here with me for this mega post! Muah! Love and heART to you all!#heartbeat #artlife

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