Whitney Freya’s 1st passion is sharing her Sacred Painting Practice with others. Her own art is created from a place of deep connection to Spirit and each piece is “medicine” for her personally. And, her art that is for sale is either “medicine” that has worked its magic in her life and is ready to serve others, or was created from this same sacred source and let it be known that it is meant for another, perhaps YOU.

If you see a piece that captures your heART, gets you super excited, or won’t leave your consciousness, it is most certainly calling to you. Whitney Freya’s art is alive with the energy of personal transformation and the reason it is speaking to you is because it wants to help guide you to your next level of authentic, heART-led personal expression.

If you are feeling the call and want to request a payment plan, go to the CONTACT page to reach out to Whitney Freya directly. If her piece is speaking to you, there is a reason, and she wants to honor your journey with that painting.

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  • Quan Yin of Light & Shadow

  • Radiant Abundance

  • 6 Stencils (Bulk Pack) + 1 NEW Stencil for FREE

  • Elephant Postcards

  • Super Soul Flow Adult Coloring Book

  • “30 Days to Unstoppable” Sticker Set

  • Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke At A Time

  • The Artist Within

  • “30 Days to Unstoppable” Sticker Set

  • 30 Days to Unstoppable Audiobook

  • RISE ABOVE! Trucker Hats

  • RISE ABOVE! Trucker Hats