Shamanic Painting Process . October 2016

I began with a mandala of rocks from Nepal, a Dorje symbol I bought in Nepal, and my sage and abalone shell.

My trip to Nepal was a catalyst for this new experience I seem to be entering into right now. SO exciting.

My intention for this painting was to gain insight into the nature of this threshold I am crossing now.

I used my pendulum and my Sacred Geometry card deck to receive a card that would guide this process. What did I get!? The ANDEAN SHAMAN!

He is all about opening up to and welcoming new gifts and access to Spirit. I’ll take it! The symbol in the back of the card inspired the first layer…

Then, I kept layering, waiting for the painting to reveal its next progression…

Now, she–my White Tara Guide of multi-dimensional BLOOMING is at this stage–waiting for more painting time.

I am creating a video of this entire painting process and can’t wait to share it with you! Until then, go to The Whitney Freya Canvas page on FB and search “Shamanic Painting” and watch the LIVE video I shared there at the outset of this painting.

If you are interested in developing your own Shamanic Painting Process, comment below and let’s explore the magic!!!



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