Rise Above with me in Alaska

I’ve been honored to assist the most amazing Suzanne Hanna with her #thewildernesswalk in Alaska and whole exploring our own uncharted territories within, we have had MAGICAL experiences in Denali National Park!Day 2 we got to tour the entire park and we were so grateful to see Denali (the mountain)! I almost burst into tears when it came into view. Only 30% of visitors get to see it because of clouds and we saw it “base to peak!”AND we saw EIGHT grizzly bears, including this sweet boy who walked straight towards us down the road and walked right under my window!!

Two days later I treated myself to an airplane tour of Denali! Holy klamole!

Denali is 20,320’ at its tallest peak and is incredibly massive! It felt like we were flying right next to it and our pilot told us we were at least a mile away!

Talk about RISE ABOVE!

When we get to live as a Life Artist, every experience has many facets of meaning and so many more different gifts to offer.

Rising above the immense landscape put everything in perspective. As I reflected on the amazing transformation I had witnessed during our time in Alaska, the view from the plane made me realize how some parts of our life’s “landscapes” pale in comparison to what is truly important to us.

It is way too easy to live life on the surface, lost in the day to day, the routine, the details, the busyness…. Right?

Your Creative Practice helps you explore new vistas, and discover new heights of beauty and possibility.

Your Creative Practice RAISES your vibration, making it impossible to hold on to worry, stress, or anxiety.

CREATIVITY is the rushing river within you.

CREATIVITY connects you to the rock solid mountain of your most authentic self. 

CREATIVITY is your ally as you learn to communicate with your wild, natural and free YOU!

What vision do you have looming in the distance? What new landscapes do you want to explore.

You are a life artist. You are the sole creator of your experience.

Thank you for sharing my Alaska musings with you!

My Creative Practice, and much of my course content, includes our Mother eARTh!

Art Gypsy Greece. The Watercolor Experience is filmed on the island of Ikaria.

Art Gypsy Guatemala.The Owl Painting Experience is filmed at Lake Atitlan.

Super Soul Flow is filmed in Australia, New Zealand, Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada, and the mountains around my home!

I look forward to journeying into your own heART with you!

Embrace your own “wilderness walk!”


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