Return of the Bird Tribes . Chapter 17 . Medicine Wheel of Eternal Being

How much do we love painting birds!?

One of my favorite books is Return of the Bird Tribes.

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I recorded these audios to share Chapter 17 with my tribe of Creatively Fit Coaches.

You are welcome to listen in…

Chapter 17 . Part I

This detail from the above bird painting reminds me of the dance between the Nagual and the Tonal, the masculine and the feminine…the luminous energy all around each of us and each and every material object on this planet! How would you paint it?

Chapter 17 . Part II

When it talks about Father Sun and Mother Earth singing back and forth to each other….

This painting was intended to embody the masculine and the feminine, the moon and the sun, the earth and the sun.

Chapter 17 . Part III

“You are here in the service of universal art to create beauty and to enjoy all that has been created. The evocation of beauty and the description of truth: this is your purpose. The purpose of life! The very purpose of the universe.” p. 190, Chapter 17, Return of the Bird Tribes

I hope you enjoy listening to these amazing words. Thank you for allowing me to share. PLEASE comment below to let me know your thoughts and I so look forward to the conversation.

A’Ho! Whitney Freya

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