Pt. 1 in Learning to Paraglide AND Learning to SOAR in LIFE!

In 2016 I learned how to paraglide! I was 46 and there were plenty of voices in my head that said I had no business picking up an extreme sport at my age. Am I glad I didn’t follow that advice! Throughout my learning process (it is never-ending!) I have observed how powerfully my painting practice, and what I learn about myself and what is available to me as a result, has COMPLETELY helped me as a pilot! In my Art Gypsy Guatemala Owl Painting Online Program, I bring you up in the air with me as we explore creating more courage in our lives, starting at the canvas and expanding from there. In this video, I share some insights from my early days of learning to paraglide. Enjoy and comment below–what is it that you would really LOVE to do and are doubting right now?

As I learned to fly, I was reminded of the saying, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” For me, the “work” is often more about embracing my enlightened LEFT BRAIN, the logical side. I thought that the life and death nature of this sport was going to help me fine-tune some left-brain skills that I desire to expand in my entire life! It’s funny how much I can still resist and just want to “wing it!”

LIFE is symbolic.

I will get to be MORE detail oriented, MORE discerning and much more! What can you do that is totally new and different to empower you to create change in other areas of your own magical art life?!

Stay tuned for future video blogs…

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Introducing Susan Kizaric

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