Sacred Symbol Private Session


Personal Sacred symbol session in person or virtually with Whitney Freya. See below for all the juicy details.


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Join Whitney Freya on a personal and private 2 hour sacred symbol session. There is an entire language of symbols that you can learn and receive incredible guidance, insight and clarity into your life right now. Before the session, Whitney Freya will ask for a sacred symbol to serve your highest and greatest good right now. Through her intuitive process, she will be gifted a symbol that WILL guide you over your next threshold OR illuminate for you a perspective that wants to come in to shift your thoughts + actions in a particular area of your life.

During your 2 hour session, you and Whitney will share her intuitive coaching process, where she is able to channel very high frequency guidance. You will learn how to “work” with your symbol for maximum benefit. These sessions are like combining spirituality, art, and deep wisdom that help you get more in touch with the language of your Soul.

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