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The Purpose Project was Whitney Freya’s 12 month personal growth experience for 2014, AND it is available to you now, anytime. If you are here, you are someone who values living a life of purpose. We all know the intensity of that feeling of purpose can ebb and flow, but there is no doubt that a regular practice that expands and amplifies our connection to our creativity and our Highest Self can only lead to new awareness and ah-hah’s!

Read below to learn more about YOU passion for living a life in full color and examples of the creative projects that are a part of The Purpose Project.




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When you join the Purpose Project you get instant access to 12 eBooks that you will want to take one step at a time, on your own schedule, and sink into on subtle and energetic levels. This iStock_000017937187_Smallpicture of the woman basking in the golden glow was Whitney’s muse for The Purpose Project.


Each of the 12 books invite you into one simple meditation. It then expands that one meditation with inspiring teachings from Whitney Freya and others and a CREATE project each month…see examples below.

The Twelve Monthly Meditations are based on the ancient road map of our personal energy CHAKRA system, to Inspire Transformative Spiritual Growth, a “remembering”of your Life’s Purpose + Creative Adventure within a Positive Community of Open Curiosity! You will be introduced to the teachings of Carolyn Myss and her book, Entering the Castle. Each room in the castle follows the chakras and you get to know the many facets of your divine nature and opportunity to live with creative awareness in this lifetime. Not familiar with the chakra system? In this program, you also receive Tamara Christensen’s “Moving Beyond Words” that goes into each chakra individually and how taking care of these energy centers can align you even further with your life purpose.

Here is an excerpt:

The Purpose Project is your invitation

to become FULLY you!

Imagine what it was like to be a woman in the Middle Ages…

Imagine what it is like to be a woman in Afghanistan…

What is it like to be a Western woman (or man) today…?

What is it like to be YOU? What would others say? Where do you feel an incongruency? Where are the itchy parts? What are the roles you would rather shed? Do you see how the definitions, or expectations, of a society or a point in history can influence our beliefs about who we are?

This is an invitation to look at everything…you & everything surrounding you…with fresh eyes & an entirely new kind of awareness, an awareness that expands into all dimensions & takes into account ALL aspects of YOU, mind, body & spirit.

This year we are going to connect you back to the “seer” of which Carolyn Myss writes, so that you can clearly SEE your most authentic purpose—the fullest expression of you.

We hope you are filled with excitement & anticipation. If you do not yet realize that you are an infinitely powerful, magical & boundless being this is the year you step into your center & align with the vibration that is most completely YOU. How will you know? You will be able to touch the infinite, feel the purest joy, and rest (yes, REST) into your journey—it is a divine journey. ~Whitney Freya

3rd chakra journal


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