Elephant Postcards



You may have heard that elephants are lucky. Or maybe you know the saying, “An elephant never forgets.”

What ELEPHANTS really want for you is SELF-LOVE.

Elephant Mamas want YOU to be as kind, gentle and loving to YOU as a mother is to her new baby.

PAINT an elephant to connect to this POWERFUL Elephant LOVE. 

Whitney shares the energy and “medicine” Mother Elephant wants to bring to you.

Thank you for purchasing your Box Set of Elephant Love Postcards!

The cartons are 25 BOXES, not 30 BOXES as I mention in the video.

The Story

On April 27th, 2015, in Zimbabwe, Antonella Bargione, a Creatively Fit Coach, gathered with a tribe of elephants and a tribe of women to honor the divine feminine LOVE embodied and preserved in both tribes. The women came for healing…from the elephants.

In a symbol of our unity and love, many of us in the “herd” of Creatively Fit Coaches painted ELEPHANT PAINTINGS to share the energy of Antonella’s event.

Then, Erna said, “We should make a set of cards from these paintings!” Watch the VIDEO above for a tour of the Elephant Love Postcard Set.

I see you

by Antonella Bargione

Elephants walk thousand-year old paths
Embodiment of the Feminine
Our Divine Mother

Holding love on Mother Earth
Your rumbles care
Our lives are touched by 
Your Unconditional Love

You teach us how to Love
That we are Self Love
That we are connected
That we belong 

You bring me to Presence
to I AM

 ~Antonella Bargione

 “I see you” is a Zulu greeting, an invitation to a deep witnessing and presence.