eARTh Wisdom Retreat August 15-19th, 2018


Join Whitney Freya and Dr. Marie Mbouni into a mystical journey into the heART of Mother eARTh. We will circle around the fire alongside the Imnaha River, hike to a sacred Nez Perce canyon space called Blue Hole, visit the Hells Canyon Overlook, paint, meditate, journey, enjoy a Cacao Ceremony and sink into your own wild, native TRUTH. Download the full retreat description HERE.

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Join us HERE for the 2018 eARTh Wisdom Retreat!!

You will be meditating alongside the Imnaha River in the Eagle Cap Wilderness.


You will walk this path, along the meandering Imnaha River to a sacred place, honored by the Nez Perce Tribe. Wilderness of Wallowa County, Oregon.

What we know right now, even more powerfully today than even last year, is that the Earth holds tremendous wisdom that we are meant to access…NOW.

YOU have already answered the call. You are teaching + guiding others. Who better to teach + guide YOU than Mother eARTh?


Ancient Wisdom

…has been encoded and protected within the Earth waiting to reveal itself to you until now.

We believe that by intentionally tuning into the awareness of the Earth, in very specific sacred spaces, through meditation, ritual, creativity and silence, that you will receive guidance & wisdom to guide you to your next level of initiation, to transcend whatever is standing at the threshold to your next level of awakening.



The crystal clear air and waters of the mountains, the purity of the land, & the flow of the great Imnaha River are going to expand your ability to receive this message this August. Once you connect to Earth on this level, and learn new Earth Wisdom Practices, you will ALWAYS have Her to guide you.

Through a magically immersive experience, Whitney Freya and Marie Mbouni are going to guide you into new ways that you can receive your divine message AND continue receive Earth Wisdom to inspire your continued energetic and physical expansion.

This Initiation is for you if you want a magical, soul-led experience to fuel your life’s work now.

It is called an initiation because after this experience, you will not be the same.
This initiation is a threshold moment because the complexity of the experience, the immersion in nature, and the remoteness of the location serves to elevate you to your next level where you can receive new, personal revelation.

When you stretch, extending yourself beyond your “known,” there is always a reward.

This Initiation is for you if you get excited thinking about…

…being surrounded by true wilderness,
…sleeping under the stars,
…sitting around a fire,
…meditating under “Master Trees,”
…journeying through guided meditation,
…immersing yourself in natural silence, and
…expanding into more of your native, personal power is for you.

You like to hike, to walk, to explore and to be “unplugged.”
You are able to embrace the raw, natural beauty of one of America’s most remote and undiscovered wildernesses.
You are excited by the adventure of life.


CLICK HERE to download the PDF with more details.

EMAIL connect(at) to let us know you are interested–spaces will fill quickly.



The eARTh Wisdom Retreat with Marie and Whitney was a dream come true! I’ve spent countless days & nights in the Wallowa back country, but never like this!
The drumming, the ceremony, and the sacred space that was created was magical! It felt like I was in the mountains for the FIRST TIME, in a whole new way!
~Sharon Nall


I just laid down on my mandala cloth and felt mother earth below me.  The flood of memories teachings and connections permeated my body and soul. I am thankful for both of you, Whitney and Marie, for leading the retreat and all of you, Jamiee, Lauren and Sharon, for sharing yourselves  and being there.  I like others have felt a shift,much stronger and nourished with love. A knowing that I have the power to create what I want in my life.
Much love and blessings to you all, ~Clare Bronec




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