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Online Buddha Painting Program

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6 lessons and 8 videos – all accessed through our NEXUS membership site. You will end up with your very own gorgeous Buddha painting to meditate upon! #buddhapaintingprogram

The Supply List

  • 20”x 20”canvas, or larger square canvas (I always use the “gallery wrapped”canvas)
  • Small, medium and large brushes for use with acrylic paints (I use a pack of really cheap brushes.)
  • Acrylic paints (primary red, primary yellow, white, burnt umber, red oxide, cerulean blue, magenta, alizarin crimson))
  • Spray water bottle
  • Artist palette (I use meat trays. Paper plates work as well)
  • Paper towel or a rag.
  • Water and water container
  • Gold leaf
  • Fun, patterned paper


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Product Description

The Buddha Painting Program is an ONLINE video painting program. I take you through the entire painting process with me in the video lessons. There are 6 lessons and 8 videos, all accessed via our NEW membership site where we gather & paint! I also show you other styles and way to paint Buddha–paint your way…allow as much individual expression as you desire.


This painting was created by one of our online students.

It is about connecting with your Higher Self—you can only communicate with this awareness when you are in “right-brain mode.”

Half Buddha

When you make this connection life EXPANDS. Your awareness expands, you notice new things and are able to receive new ideas. Your belief in your life’s potential expands. Are you up for some expansion? Good!

Here is another student’s painting…

Maryse Perdriat

 Because I take you through the process in simple steps, anyone can paint a painting that you love!

The canvas becomes your teacher. You will gain profound insight into ways you can create the change you desire in your life as you create the change you desire on the canvas.

Mary Claire Crow Buddha_quote

In the video instruction we have a conversation about the life + art connection. I bring you into my studio and make it fun, easy, and inspiring.

Excited for you to join me in front of the canvas!







More students’ paintings below…

Marie Mbouni's Buddha

Bobby Venedam

Kimmer Buddha for LEsson 3

Omaymah Ashley, paintings, Armaan 017

Linda Chavez