6 Stencils (Bulk Pack) + 1 NEW Stencil for FREE


You, of course, want as much sacred symbol energy as possible, right? Yes! Whenever you are feeling low energy, stressed, anxious, or just apathetic, look at your Artual Stencils and allow the one that you need to speak to you. Be sure to grab the free eBook that explains the sacred energy of each symbol in detail HERE. But first, scroll down to see examples of how people like you have been using their Artual Sacred Symbol Stencils. Bulk Package – (6) 5 x 7 Stencils + 1 NEW stencil included in the set now for free. It is the “Freya Knot” stencil. A symbol of union and our connection to the infinite. 

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Thank you Katherine Torrini, Madelyn Montjoy, Theresa Ceniccola, Nico Katz, Michelle WirtaKathy Carlisle, my Austin Buddha Painting Class, and my kiddos for sharing your heART and images with me.