Painting Meditation Journal Video Tour

Please join me for the next 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge!

It is FREE & extremely fun! It starts July 1st!


You can get my 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge KIT–at a huge discount HERE.

Thank you Plaza Art Supply!

YOUR life is your work of art. You get to choose each color, each symbol, image and element that is included.

All of my programs inspire a new level of mindfulness.

In the 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge you will experience the shifts that happen when you CHOOSE

to create this level of creativity, peace, and relaxation at the beginning of each day.

The videos simply show my drippy, doodle-y (??), loosey-goosey watercolors evolving on the canvas to gorgeous music.

Go HERE to read more. 

See you on July 1st! Have a wonderful weekend!

Exploring COURAGE

Exploring COURAGE

 Hi! I created a 3 Part Video Series in June 2019 to explore the subject of courage. I believe that an aspect of overall wellness is our connection to courage. Without courage, we may stay stuck in the known, when our heARTs are calling us into a new way of expressing...

How to Paint Wings

How to Paint Wings

  This is an excerpt from my Art Gypsy Owl Painting Course. I hope you join me for the whole course! I filmed it in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The energetic focus of the course is on COURAGE and the OWL is our guide.  In all my Art Gypsy Courses, I wait to receive...