PAINT Your Dreams Come True 

Paint a dream catcher and layer in your dreams and future visions… Law of Attraction says that if you focus on something for 17 seconds the law kicks in, hold it for 68 seconds and things start to move–imagine focusing on it throughout the entire painting process!? BOOM!

You may have been taught a story around creativity that said the only ones who “should” create are the ones who have talent…after all, their talent may transform into dollars. If you can’t trade what you create for dollars then you shouldn’t bother. 

Never mind that creating makes you feel alive.

Never mind that creating is what you do every time you solve a problem or turn an idea into reality. 

Never mind that everything around you and most of the thoughts and ideas have been CREATED by someone…because you are easier to control if you don’t create anything new yourself–we’ll tell you everyone you need to know. 

That is the old story. 

Nothing wrong with it, but now we know a new story.

You are here in this life, in this tremendously physical and sensual world, TO CREATE.

Quantum Physics has proven that you create your reality. 

You now have developed the sensitive and the awareness of the energy you create with your thoughts and attitudes and how what you think is created into your space. 

You have been liberated from the rules of tradition and roles. 

The glass ceiling has been lifted, the bubble burst–truly, we have seen the BIG MAGIC waiting for all of us just outside our comfort zone, on the other side of “ordinary.”

Now the canvas becomes a portal, the painting process meditation and a journey into the depths of your being where you are not afraid to declare what you deeply desire, what your Soul longs to experience THROUGH you in this life! 

The first step is to FREE your mind. 

Create the energy of freedom. 

Meditate on all the ways you are free from what others expect of you, or what you thought you “should” do.

Your creative spirit is not here to help you produce product that will convert into $$$.

Your creative spirit is here to co-create the art that is your LIFE with you. 

You create your life each day–are you doing it without awareness or WITH awareness? 

Learn to cultivate and grow this powerful awareness now with Whitney Freya. 

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