One Simple Way to Find Your Purpose

I often use my “Soul Scribble” exercise to look at a situation differently–like pulling an oracle card. Before I began this Soul Scribble, I asked for insight into new ways I could communicate the benefits of having a sacred personal painting practice to others.

Here is a list of the insights I received from this playful divination practice…(starting from the left) 

  • discovering hidden treasure (a la Easter morning)
  • the treasure is your infinite, creative heART…
  • …that wants to BLOOM
  • it connects us to sacred symbols, the language of the “knowing,” infinite, soul….
  • with it you gain an “eagle’s eye perspective”
  • and the energy is like a brand new day, slate wiped clean and nothing but potential.

When you engage in creative activity on a daily basis, you expand greatly into “radiant thinking.” You are able to receive and create on many more levels than the typical level dictated by the logical and the rational.

If you would like to teach others how to develop this “radiant thinking” ability with creative exercises, read more about our Creatively Fit Coaching Training here.




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Introducing Susan Kizaric

Introducing Susan Kizaric

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