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WF-RainbowWarriorWhitney Freya and her Creatively Fit Coaches lead forward thinking individuals who want to learn to live as a Life Artist through Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program twice per year.

We are looking for Rainbow Warriors to join our tribe to envision and create a NEW WORLD.

Are you a Creative Pioneer? Are you passionate about living from BOTH your heART & mind? Vision quest with us to attune your awareness to a whole new level of personal creative power.

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Press Release

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Press Release

Release date: 1/17/2014



It is with great excitement that we announce the grand reveal of Whitney Freya, LLC. This rebranding production has been over nine months in the making. Whitney and her team at Blast! Branding have synthesized 17 years of entrepreneurial expression into one overarching business and presence.

Four pillars, based on the elemental cornerstones of life, represent the Whitney Freya canvas. Creatively Fit (earth pillar), trains coaches worldwide to work with others seeking greater creative flexibility in their lives and businesses. Artual (fire pillar), the product arm of this company, offers goods that combine spirituality, art, and meditation tools. Journeys (water pillar), conducts workshops and retreats that focus on creativity as a form for deep personal growth and reconnection. Lastly, Nexus (air pillar) offers an interactive virtual hub for a vibrant community that connects its members via online creativity programs and collective creative and spiritual inspiration.

Whitney is a public persona who is sought worldwide for her vibrant and stirring contribution as an author, speaker, and creativity specialist. She is considered part of the new genre of spiritual teachers who stand for the combination of innovation and ancient teachings that help our often hectic society reconnect to a simpler and kinder way of living.

In her own words:

“I believe that using the medium of art is a sacred portal to merge healing, energy, and awareness thru the practice, ritual, and play of intentional creativity. It is my honor and blessing to help reconnect your mind to your infinitely creative heart, which then helps your life lighten and brighten into the masterpiece canvas of your soul.” ~Whitney Freya


Whitney’s new site can be found at www.whitneyfreya.com

A summary video of her reveal and intentions can be found here: https://vimeo.com/83948901


About Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya is an up and coming personality and teacher in the world of personal growth and modern spirituality. He company offers programs, products, and processes to those interested in creativity, business and entrepreneurial innovation, and community connections that expand potentials and encourage greater possibilities in thinking, feeling, and living. She lives in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and teaches worldwide with a current reach of over thirty thousand. Visit www.whitneyfreya.com


Media Contact:                   Michelle Wirta, Creative Director

Blast! Branding


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