Here’s a nod and wink to all those who inspire me to grow …

Mother Earth . Wallowa County, OR I moved to this wild, rugged landscape in 2011. I get to immerse myself in raw Mother Earth energy daily. I am so grateful to be able to live in such a magical place. NOT a traffic light in the entire county! AND it is full of artists, writers, and just authentic, amazing people. I hold regular workshops and retreats here. Come visit!

Kimberely Arana . Unshakable Soul Kimberely entered my life’s canvas shortly after my “return” to Wallowa (yup! We are talking past life kind of “return”). She did indeed reconnect me to my unshakable soul. Kimberely opened me up to my bigger life story and has trained me in select ancient wisdom practices to enhance my own healing work as your muse.

Nikki Shannon . Energy Painter Nikki walked through the doors of the Creative Fitness Center back in 1996 and in 2008 reappeared in my life to be a portal for ME to reconnect to our ability to CREATE energy, to speak to our Higher Selves through symbols. I love when she says, “Whitney & I share a brain.” We Skype, paint and sip the vino whenever possible!

Lakshmi & Saraswati . Thanks to Sally Kempton & Awakening Shakti Lakshmi is the energy that sees the beauty and joy ALL around us, in even the simplest moments (like right now, listening to the fire crackle in my wood stove). She has reminded me of the gift I have to feel immense gratitude for the smallest gifts in this life. Saraswati energy gives me confidence to write and speak from my heART. She also affirms that I am a woman on a mission and that is perfectly OK. I want every woman to read this book, Awakening Shakti! Getting to know the divine feminine is part of our path in this space/time/history. At her most fundamental core, Shakti IS the creative force of the universe. Namasté.

Lisa Starr . Drum Making Journeys I met Lisa at the second Journey Retreat in Joshua Tree. She is a powerful goddess who is definitely living to the beat of her own drum. When Kimberely Arana saw me drumming in a ritual I performed on the ranch where I USED to live, I immediately contacted Lisa to create a drum for me. We will be creating a Journey (link to Journeys page) experience for an intimate group in 2014 with Lisa at her Bonita Domes in Joshua Tree…stay tuned.

Christine Ranck . Ignite Your Genius Within Christine was my portal into Quantum Physics and the magic of this science. She is another soul sister I connected with through chance meetings, emails, tweets, etc. My entire concept of our infinite nature and our connection to the Universe has exploded since we collaborated in a retreat at Esalen in 2011.

Flora Bowley . Brave Intuitive You I know you all know & love Flora too! I have been able to spend time with Flora, as she lives in Portland (my second home), and she is truly BRAVE & INTUITIVE. Flora has an energy of strength and clarity around her that I so appreciate.  She has created a lovely empire around inspiring the art that is your life. Go, Flora! Read her “forward” for my book, The Artist Within, here. I will get you link and send the forward…