My Dreamcatcher Painting

I LOVE to share the step-by-step images of my paintings.


If nothing else, to illustrate how we all have to take any creative process one step at a time.

This DREAMCATCHER painting began as the canvas panel on the right side of the above image.

Usually, all I know when I begin to paint is that I want to paint. The object of the painting comes later.

With my LIFE COACHING clients this principle helps us to start taking action in the direction of our ideas, goals, or dreams.

What is wonderful and magical is that whatever is slowing us down or getting us stuck in our life, also shows up on the canvas. Then, we simply get to paint through it on the canvas to ALSO create a breakthrough in the art that is our life!

So fun! Do you work with a life coach? Are you a life coach? Curious if you have painted to CREATE change in the art that is your life? Would love your comments. The canvas as a metaphor for life is powerful and a different way to explore how we can expand into new ways of doing and being.

This dreamcatcher was such a fun journey!

My big ah-hah around this sacred symbol is HOW CAN I BE A DREAMCATCHER for others?

I love honoring and holding space for your dreams.

One of my Creatively Fit Coaches suggested this perspective as I was sharing this process on Facebook.

And the little tipi at the bottom just appeared!

A home for your dreams? My dreams?

Hopefully, this step-by-step inspired you to make your mark in full color–

on the canvas, or the canvas of your life!

Thank you for joining me for this quick “CANVASation!”

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