Mother Love

I just finished my 6th #24hourjam and thought I would share some step-by-step images of this painting that began with the infinite reality that is Mother Love–the Divine Mother Love. 

I’m going to skip the words and just show you the pictures. This painting was totally inspired by an artist I have on my Pinterest board “Art the Makes Me Go Ooooohhh!”

I have to thank Flora Bowley for letting us use her studio whole she is away caring for her wonderful mother. And such big hugs to Pixie Lighthorse, Rachel Ford, Jessica Swift, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Michelle Anita Wirta for coming and painting with me!!! Here is the progression of this one painting….

Thank you so much for visiting me! Mother Love is not for sale, but contact me for commissions or view my other work in the Shop or on The Whitney Freya Canvas Page on FB. 

heARTfully, me!

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Introducing Susan Kizaric

Introducing Susan Kizaric

What I know for sure is that the MORE we honor & lift up others, the more we honor our own journeys and receive exactly what we need, when we need it, to RISE ABOVE ourselves!  Today we want to introduce you to Susan Kizaric. You can explore her world even more...