Mother Earth Teaches us Self-Love 

Happy Freya Friday!

Most of us are enjoying a magical time of year outside and my wish is that this video inspires you to get outside this weekend and learn from your own natural world.
I took this video while trekking through a rhododendron forest in the Himalayas! Enjoy!

Self-love is another way think about nurturing your own growth, your own BLOOM!

The opposite of self-love shows up when we beat ourselves up for…

…not getting it done on time,

…not being _____ enough,

…not being talented or wise or witty enough!

What are all the ways you can love yourself NO MATTER WHAT?

Practice this during your own Personal Paintig Practice. Love every mark you make even when they feel like a “mistake!”

Don’t have a Personal Paintig Practice?

Are you at a threshold moment in life or ready for one? Your creative soul may be calling you to deep dive into his practice.

If you feel the call, I would like to invite you to pick a time to get on the phone with me for a Discovery Session.

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If it’s time for a change you want to change what you are doing, change the routine and immerse yourself in something new.

What about this weekend? Get outside! Woohoo!


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