Meet Whitney Freya

I want to share with you the origin of my name and the personal power symbol I call “The Freya Knot.”

I was born Whitney Gilbert. When I married I became Whitney Ferre’. As I processed this next chapter in my life (in a labyrinth in Phoenix), no longer married and having made the choice to follow my heart and my truth, the message I got was that this new chapter is a whole new life and I have to opportunity to CREATE it as I choose, leaving behind that which did not serve me (limiting beliefs, baggage, etc.) and consciously creating ME!

So I decided to name myself. Instead of the names that had been given to me by others, I decided to choose for me. But you don’t just sit down and “figure this out.” I believe your name has to find you.

A month or so later I met the owner of a bead store in La Grande, OR. Her name is Dancing Hands, born Phyllis. When I commented that I was in the market for a new name (said jokingly) and also commented on an upcoming Celtic festival and my connection to the Goddess Brigid (that is another story), she immediately whipped out a piece of paper and started writing down combinations of names.

Whitney Brigid…Brigid Freya…Whitney Freya. Whitney Freya! It had found me. It was like recognizing my new name and I felt an instant opening to the new adventures that lay ahead!

There is a lot to read about Freya (this is a great link). One of my favorite excerpts is: “She is as strong, beautiful and wise as any of the “Eldest Ones.” She is also from where we got FRIDAY! How much do I love that energy!?

Stay tuned for more Freya fun information.

But here is where it gets VERY amazing. In March I was talking with the goddess that is Michelle Anita Wirta about the launch of artual and she commented that she was searching for symbols for Freya to use for a special stencil and signature. When she texted me this image from her google search I about dropped to the floor!

I had created this EXACT symbol in a workshop at a retreat on 12/21/12. EXACTLY! And I loved it. My other co-creatresses and I immediately started imagining tattoos… we couldn’t believe that we had just created this symbol for the first time!?

Here is an image from the altar we created at the Journey December 2012:

The diamond in the middle, the double infinities if you tilt it to the side…how does it get any better than that!?!?!

Get ready! The adventure of life is calling us all to be more bold and fearless AND creative! Woohoo! Thank you for celebrating this NEW birthday with me!

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