Lotus Flower Meaning

This weekend LOTUS energy struck me in an entirely new way….

It had to do with my thoughts.

Lotus flower energy helps us BLOOM in spite of the MUCK. Right?

As I stenciled the lotus energy into the first layer of my painting, the AH-HAH was around the nature of my thoughts, the pictures I was painting in my head, and the choice I have to create my thoughts. Are my musings rooted in the muck or are they reaching for the sky in full bloom?

Do I allow thoughts of worry, stress, fear…to dominate my idle moments OR do I consciously use that time to create thoughts in my head of my BLOOMing future?

So today, if you catch yourself, or just your thoughts, in the “muck,” raise those mental images up, up to your “bloom,” the beautiful, fragrant, miraculous bloom. After all, what we paint, and love to look at is the flower, the blossom of the lotus, right–not the muck and the roots?

heARTfully yours,

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