Living Life as a Vision Quest. Part TWO. The Double Happiness Symbol

When I first looked back to reflect on the “Vision Quest” that my life has become, I remembered that this was my FIRST official “symbol painting,” the double happiness symbol. Considering my journey, including my divorce, the last three years, I wondered if I should have you all sign a waiver before I let you in on this secret!!!

The secret is that when you paint your INTENTIONS, your GOALS, your DREAMS onto the “blank canvas” you call in the unseen forces in your life, the subtle energies, the magic, your SOUL, to create the change you desire.

Because symbols bypass the logical mind–you weren’t TAUGHT to paint symbols to get what you want–you are able to communicate to the part of you that is NOT logical. That part of you is infinite and full of joy, love, and self-confidence. THIS is the part of you we summon up, reel in, honor and expand in Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program. Are you ready?

I wasn’t.

Back in September 2011 I knew that I was supposed to explore this practice of painting my DESIRES as symbols to meditate on them AND “put it out to the Universe.” I knew this because of a dream I had had 5 months earlier. Yes, it took me that long. What finally got me painting this painting was the need to paint a wedding gift for friends. So I googled “sacred symbol for marital bliss” and I got the Chinese double happiness symbol.

Your Soul can be very sneaky. At least mine can.

I thought I was painting marital bliss for my friends.

Turns out that was my soul’s own desire.

That was not my reality.

I was painting that painting to begin my journey to my own truth.

What is the truth you are being called to turn and face?

What are you hoping will go away? …get better? …fix itself? …stay hidden?

The truth is that this hope, this longing inside of you, is calling you to your next exciting “chapter.” Something wants to change, to shift, to be let go or embraced.

Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

We don’t come here for easy.

We come to expand.

In September 2011 this was my “backyard” (above).

I had just moved with my three kids and husband to a 670 acre ranch in Oregon.

We were living the dream.

He didn’t have to work anymore.

We moved into this house (below) in November 2011.

It is a beautiful house.

I picked out every tile, wall color, pillow, fabric, piece of art….

I created my “dream come true.”

And then I had to admit that, truly, it was not my dream come true.

I was not living aligned with MY truth. I was trying to avoid the hardest decision I would EVER have to make.

I moved out, into a rental in town, in August 2012.

I burst the “bubble.”

I have never been happier.

And I have never crossed a scarier threshold…EVER.

My “thing” was my marriage relationship.

My SOUL said, “Sister, if you want marital bliss, you aren’t going to get it here.”

I did not want to listen.

What is the whisper in your mind that you are trying not to hear?

It could be about your career?

…your health?

…your well being?

…your desire to take THAT workshop?

…start that biz?

Whatever it is there is fear guarding the threshold.

Fear is generated in the logical mind.

The logical mind only stores and communicates to you what you ALREADY KNOW, what you have already experienced, and your “stories.”

You are being challenged to write a new story, enter into NEW territory. Your logical mind creates fear to keep you in the known.

Is that how you want to live?


We can choose to live in fear without awareness, because we weren’t taught anything different.

Until now.

Me, extremely happy, playing with face paint in my “rental.”

In Vision Quest. The Creatively Fit Program you get to expand into your WHOLE MIND. You get to know your logical mind for who she really is and your infinite, magical mind for who she really is. Then, YOU, the BIG you, gets to choose which perspective serves you the best.

YOU get to choose.

I chose to honor my truth.

I chose to align my WHOLE self with what was important to me: harmony, joy, ease, peace.

I chose.

I stopped letting others choose.


It was hard!

It was messy.

Still is.

But it is ALL MINE.

I am no longer in denial.

I am no longer muting and editing myself.

I burst into laughter hourly!

I KNOW peace and harmony now.

What do you want to KNOW?

How do you want to BE in your life.

YOU create your reality.

Let’s create your most AUTHENTIC version of your life THIS FALL.

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If you want to Vision Quest and become a Certified Creatively Fit Coach so you can guide others through Vision Quest, learn how the blank canvas becomes a coaching tool, then, comment below to let me know, or email connect(at)

What I implore you to do is BE YOU.

We need YOU.

All my love,

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