Living Life as a Vision Quest. Part ONE. The Owl

If you had told me five or six years ago what my life was going to look like today I would have thought you were smoking something!

I have experienced TREMENDOUS personal, spiritual and real-life transformation since 2009. How do I know it was exactly 2009? Because that is when I started painting OWLS!

Owl 2

I just thought they were cute and fun to paint! I loved turning the eyes into mandalas and playing with different patterns and textures in the body…feathers are fun! I titled the one above “See More Opportunity” and the one below is “See More Love.” You can see all these whimsical owls as prints HERE.

Owl 5

Then, during a workshop in December 2009 I created this “Story Card”… I titled it “Ancient World.” I obviously sensed a lot of divine feminine energy here. So…

I had felt, up until then, no connection to the Goddess. I did not think I needed to explore that subject. Ha! Anyhoo, the thought crossed my mind while looking at this card, “I wonder what I would get if I googled WHO IS THE GODDESS OF ART?”


Athena…and her OWL! (this is not my work… ?

Immediately I was struck by the thought, “Maybe there is a reason I am painting owls.”

My life would never be the same.

I continued to paint owls. I could not even imagine why I, or anyone else, would really want to paint anything BUT owls!? I painted them with children in South Africa.

I painted them with business groups…

Slowly, it actually still took a while, I began to explore the symbolism of the owl. My favorite site to use is

Ultimately, what I learned that FOR ME the owl was coming to help me illuminate that which I had been keeping in the dark, sweeping under the proverbial rug, ignoring–hoping it would go away. Do you know that thing?

That THING can be any number of things, but it is always a part of your TRUTH that you are ignoring because of a fear. You may be afraid that this thing will mean that you have to quit a job and walk away from a level of “security.” The THING could be a quality, a super-power, you have that if you really used it would upset the balance in your family or work because it would threaten others, make them insecure, etc. The THING could be a health issue you are ignoring OR a dream that is so deep and so big that it is SO scary.

For me, the THING was my marriage relationship. I SO SO SO did not want to go there. I SO SO SO did not want to hurt anyone. AND I SO SO SO wanted to live fully expressing my joy, positive attitude, sense of adventure and connection to Oneness…and I had been keeping it out of sight, compartmentalized in my professional life. I toned it down big time at home. And my soul SO SO SO knew that whatever I needed to do to honor that energy was going to be in my highest good.

The important thing is not what the THING is for anyone else, but what it is for YOU.

Here’s the good news…what is in the way IS the way.

The FEAR is not meant to block or keep you stuck…it is meant to be a portal. It is meant to be another way you are being loved and guided to live your most EXPANSIVE life. Your soul is CONSTANTLY attracting to you opportunities to EXPAND. It is your choice whether you accept the opportunity or not. No judgment. If the opportunity presents itself and you choose not to follow that’s ok. Your soul doesn’t mind. It will be back. You’ve got all eternity.

Personally, I want to choose to expand.

So I did.

The first step that really let my soul know that I was serious was in hiring a spiritual coach, a Shaman, Kimberely Arana at She got me there, alright. And by our 3rd call I had moved on from OWLS and my journey into the language of Sacred Symbols and my soul’s expansion had begun.

When I launched in January 2014, 3 years later, after renaming myself after the Norse Goddess, I did paint another owl for the Elemental Totem series (you can access all the video lessons for free by joining us at It was the FIRST time I had painted an owl FLYING!!!! No coincidences…

When you tune into the Vision Quest element of your life, the messages and signals you are constantly being offered by your soul, highest self, God, Goddess…you expand. Period.

Do you want to choose to expand.

This is why I, and my Creatively Fit Coaches (click HERE to learn about this training), have created for you Vision Quest. The Creatively Fit Program.

Vision Quest begins September 11th. 

One of the most challenging parts of your life can be to see things for what they really are–even when we wish they were different. Your body knows (I had crazy digestive issues and strong heart palpitations…until I moved into my own home), your soul sends you feelings and emotions (the pit in your stomach, sadness…), and your eye is attracted to exactly the messenger, or “medicine” that you need.

The OWL was a guide and a messenger.

What did I paint next? Stay tuned for Part TWO.

Ready to begin your own Vision Quest? Read more here…  

Search #visionquestcreativelyfit for more guidance and read about others’ paintings and Visions at

Sending you all lots of LOVE and encouragement in your life’s expansion!

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